Mapotempo will participate in Mobility for Business on October 17 and 18 2017, stand F16

Mapotempo will participate in Mobility for Business on 17 and 18 October 2017 alongside Danem, the leading French mobile application integrator

Stand F16, Mapotempo and Danem support you in a digital, optimized and agile field teams management

For this 7th edition, Mobility For Business will allow professionals to face the structural changes inherent in mobility. These ones include the democratization of 4G, the businesses  and  cities digitization, the IoT development and the 5G advent by 2020. This last point sketches a future in wich the 5th generation network will have to ensure a broad, homogeneous and efficient coverage to meet the challenges of energy efficiency, connectivity with massive IoT data, continuity and quality of user experience across all the situations. A future more than ever mobile.

In this context Mapotempo will bring concrete answers to the managers of field teams, alongside this year the first French mobile application integrator, Danem. The offering complementaries of both companies give professionals the tools to digitize their entire business processes. From the planning of these operations to their execution.

These innovations change the way companies consider work or customer relationships. In fact, Mapotempo and Danem are committed to ensuring the improvement of customer satisfaction and the working conditions of mobile workers in this digitization process.

Meet our team at the leading mobility trades how

Meet us stand F16 and seize new opportunities:

  • Discover the new route optimization solutions generation: opensource, user friendly, SaaS and easily embaddable via API,
  • Experience route optimization through a demo and see the instant benefits of optimization: decrease of traveled kilometers, optimal routes reorganization…
  • Start your project with our team which will support you: to launch a study of your routes based on your data, open a test account, give you a test API key.
Mapotempo is a French startup that develops intuitive and innovative route planning and route optimization solutions.


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