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Mapotempo guarantees continuously features evolution and enhancements in order to the techonology you use anticipates systematically your future needs.

Vehicles configuration

  • Type of vehicle: truck, light vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, public transport etc.
  • Vehicles working hours
  • Deliveryman’s services times: durations added before the first stop and after the last stop 
  • Vehicles capacities
  • Double units for vehicles capacities (example: in volume and weight)
  • Fuel type and average consumption
  • Start and end depot location or free depot location (data importation is available)
  • Rests duration, time window and place
  • Multiple management of your vehicles: specify multiple profiles for your vehicles

Destinations (customers) management

  • Address geocoding by entering or importing data
  • Visit time windows
  • Delivery quantity
  • Visit duration
  • Integration of unplanned customers by drag and drop
  • Repositioning a visit point by drag and drop
  • Create several visits with different characteristics (quantity, duration etc.) for the same destination
  • Addresses importation from TomTom WEBFLEET


  • Zoning areas to be delivered by vehicle

  • Automatic zoning generation from the planning or regarding number of vehicles
  • Automatic Isochron and Isodistance generation: they define the points accessible by a vehicle in a given time or a given distance


  • Creating specific filters to plan and optimize all or part of the database
  • Reverse route order by one click
  • Mass assigment of unscheduled stops


  • Select customer to not visit by check/uncheck
  • Optimization calculation for each route or the whole
  • Results: route total duration, route total distance and CO2 emissions
  • Change scheduling of routes destination by drag and drop with automatic generation of a new route computation

Exportation and real time tracking

  • Results exploitation: road maps and maps
  • Route exportation to GPS.Pro and mobile terminals
  • Real-time vehicle position display for TomTom solutions subscribers
  • Sending routes by email in KML format. Can be used on smartphones via navigation applications
  • Planning synchronization to a calendar that support iCal format.