Enthusiasts about digital mapping and logistics, Mapotempo (‘Map’ and ‘Time’ in Esperanto) founders, Frédéric Rodrigo (CTO) and Mehdi Jabrane (COO), aim to provide to every business type and size the new generation of route optimization solutions : opened, easy to use, efficient with a business scaled pricing.

In February 2017 Mapotempo integrates the Octime-Spec group to boost its growth. Seduced by the technological and economic relevance of the startup, the Octime-Spec Group’s president, Guillaume Berbinau, wishes today to support Mapotempo to becomes a leading player in the mobile resources optimization. Octime-Spec is a healthy and fast growing company, leader in HR Planning with nearly 20 years of experience in its field, 800,000 users in France, involved in 40 countries and today the leader in the fields of HR Planning, Time Management , and access control.

Supplychain facing new challenges

Home meal delivery, sales force visits, press, medicines delivery, waste pickup… Hundreds of thousands professionnals spend all or part of daytime in their vehicles to deliver, prospect, troubleshoot, pickup or serve.
Nowadays routes planning and their execution become increasingly complicated due to:

  • Urban concentration (traffic, parking …)
  • Customer expectations (Time window, delivery frequency)
  • Competition (customer loyalty, cut costs, get new markets)
  • Environmental policy (CO2, tax…)

As an answer, services that are often inadequate

These heavy socio-economic trends significantly complicate needs in planning and route optimization.
To face these changes, new solutions and services must be created. Although the technology of such solutions are today mature, nowadays 80% of optimized vehicles fleet are planned manually because of high costs, rigidity, complexity of deployement and of the key account centric strategy of the software companies on the market.

Route Optimization for every professionnals !

Thanks to the relevance of our technological offer (ready to use SaaS software and our APIs) and the economic models associated with it, our ambition is to democratize the use of route optimization solutions.

From the silk road through the paths network leading to Rome, logistics efficiency (the right product or service at the right time and the right place) is often hand to hand with cartographic precision.

Extrait de la Mappemonde
Carte des étapes de Castorius
Carte de 1886 new york

Extract from the medieval world maps known as ‘Catalan Atlas’ produced around 1375 with place names and fragments routes of travels of Marco Polo (source : Exposition)

Cursus publicus displaying the roads and the main cities of the Roman Empire. Copy from 1265 (Tabula Peutingeriana)

Map from 1886 with the fire equipment locations in the city of New York. (source: http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/)

Mapotempo Web: Web-based mapping and routes optimization software.

Mapotempo provides an innovative solution : vision, technology and features to allow you to make economic and qualitative gains. Some of them are less measurable such as better working conditions for planners and deliverers.


Free software

Developed by our development team and continuously improved, all Mapotempo technologies are free software.

Free software license is a guarantee of durability : it can be runned, modified, studied and redistributed under free software license. Our enhancements and anynone enhancements benefit for everyone.

In line with this philosophy of independence and sustainability of free software, Mapotempo allow you to export from Mapotempo all your data in standard file formats.

To contribute

Contributions to develop and improve Mapotempo are encouraged. They are subject to contribution rules to protect contributors and ensure legal use of contributions in Mapotempo project.

logo_github Mapotempo source code :


Contributions rules

Contributors must sign a copyright assignment to give the property rights of their contributions to Mapotempo, to allow any use including commercial of the product incorporating the contribution, now and in the future, and preserving the rights of the contributor on his work.


Among free Mapotempo components, we chose the collaborative mapping of OpenStreetMap.

Thanks to a free and direct contribution to the map data, institutions, professionals and individuals around the world, attentive to detail and quality, mutualise the construction and map updating. Thereby, Mapotempo provides a solution that you can improve if necessary.


Mapotempo offers solutions natively 100% online

Choosing Cloud technology (dematerialization of IT infrastructure), compared to traditional software Mapotempo guarantees:

  • Immediate deployment and use
  • Accessibility without limitation : a simple Internet connection is enough
  • Lower acquisition costs and software maintenance
  • Easy software updates, regular and automatic
  • Better flexibility : usuability and evolution
  • More computing power